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Our Philosophy

The Art of
Unforgettable Smiles

Your smile is a storyteller.

When you laugh with friends, it tells a story of joy. When you grin after a job well done, it tells a story of pride. And when you share your smile with that special someone, it tells a story of love.

There’s no other smile like yours. It’s unique, it’s priceless - and we treat it that way, bringing beauty and health to your smile with knowledgeable care and a gentle touch.

So when your smile speaks, the stories
it tells will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Our Promise

A Stressless Experience

Anxiety has no place at Glen Dental Centre.

Always welcomed with a smile, our soothing music and warm decor put your senses at ease, while our gentle sedation lets your treatment worries melt away. Even payment is simple and flexible, with options for direct billing and financing that make receiving your care hassle-free.

From start to finish, every part of the experience serves your comfort.
Our Service Pillars

We will always...

Listen to what you have to say
Be honest and transparent
Care for you gently and patiently
Help you make informed choices
Our Doctors

100% Committed to You

Dr. Kayvan Ashnaei
Dr. Ali Reza Zahed
Dr. Tyler Duffy
Dr. Rasul
Dr. Moslehi
Dr. Malekian

See what dentistry can be

No more uncomfortable treatments. No more hiding your smile.
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