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Our Doctors

Glen Dental Centre: 
100% Committed to You

Dr. Kayvan Ashnaei

Patients from as far away as Vancouver Island and the United States choose to see Dr. Ashnaei. That’s how much they value his judgment, skills, and dentistry expertise.

Immersed in the world of dentistry for nearly three decades, Dr. Ashnaei has hundreds of hours of continuing education in dental implants and orthodontics alone. Always gentle and attentive, he’ll work with you tooth-by-tooth to bring out the best in your smile.

Dr. Tyler Duffy

With a concerted focus on periodontal treatment and oral surgery, smile health is Dr. Duffy’s pride and joy.

Having trained under some of the nation’s most renowned surgical experts, he brings over 13 years of dental excellence to every one of his patients, along with a wealth of expertise spanning Invisalign treatment and Botox rejuvenation.

Dr. Moslehi

Dr. Moslehi loves a challenge - especially with root canals. Where other dentists might say your only option is an extraction, he’ll go above and beyond to save your tooth.

Going the extra mile for his patients has been his calling card through the 25+ years he’s spent as a dental professional. So whether you’re visiting Glen Dental Centre for a root canal or another procedure, you can be sure that he’ll go the extra mile for your smile too.

Dr. Malekian

Soft hands. They’re all that you’ll be talking about after being cared for by Dr. Malekian. With her compassionate, gentle approach, she makes dentistry stress-free, particularly for kids.

But there’s more to Dr. Malekian than a steady hand. With over two decades of dentistry experience and a professional commitment to continuing education, you’ll appreciate her light touch - but adore the healthy, beautiful results she creates for your smile.

Dr. Rasul

If there’s a way to make your treatment safer and more comfortable, Dr. Rasul will find it.

As a former Associate Dental Surgeon and current General Dentist, he knows nearly every aspect of dentistry - and what he doesn’t know, he’s working to learn. He’s a lifelong scholar of the dental arts, ensuring that Glen Dental Centre always serves you with the latest tools and techniques. If you’re looking for a patient, knowledgeable dentist, he’s second to none.

Dr. Shivji

Having earned her stripes as a dentist in the UK before recertifying again - with honours in pediatric and restorative dental care - after she moved to Canada, Dr. Shivji *really* knows dentistry.

When you speak with her, though, what really stands out is her willingness to listen. She's not just waiting for her turn to jump in with a treatment recommendation — she's present and focused on what you need. Paired with her decades of in-depth knowledge, it's why so many patients love the results she brings to their smiles.
Our Philosophy

The Art of 
Unforgettable Smiles

Your smile is a storyteller.
When you laugh with friends, it tells a story of joy. When you grin after a job well done, it tells a story of pride. And when you share your smile with that special someone, it tells a story of love.

There’s no other smile like yours. It’s unique, it’s priceless - and we treat it that way, bringing beauty and health to your smile with knowledgeable care and a gentle touch.

So when your smile speaks, the stories it tells will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Our Promise

A Stressless Experience

Anxiety has no place at Glen Dental Centre.

Always welcomed with a smile, our soothing music and warm decor put your senses at ease, while our gentle sedation lets your treatment worries melt away. If we can, we’ll even provide service in your preferred language.

From start to finish, every part of the experience serves your comfort.
Our Goal

Accessible Dentistry

You have a budget, and you need to make dental care fit into it.

We make it easier to do that, giving you more options to afford your care through convenient direct billing and up to 60-month treatment financing with no payments or interest for a full 6 months.
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