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Your path to a new smile

Combining a full arch prosthetic with multiple dental implants, implant supported dentures restore the comfort and confidence that comes with having a complete, healthy smile.

They provide you with a set of teeth that’s strong, stable, and virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Implants supported dentures are more

More affordable than implants

Implant supported dentures typically cost half as much (or less!) than a full mouth of implants.

More capable than dentures

There’s no slipping or chafing, and practically no restrictions on what you can eat and drink.

More healthy than dentures

Easier to maintain and better at preserving bone, implant supported dentures are healthier.
What You Get

From $10,000 per jaw

Complimentary Fit and Comfort Adjustments
Faster Healing with Platelet-Rich Fibrin
CT Scans and Panoramic X-Rays
Access to Decades of Smile Restoration Expertise

Make it more affordable

We offer treatment financing plans for up to 60 months.
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Restoration with intention

If you’re investing in implant supported dentures, you demand excellence for your smile.

Dr. Ashnaei knows that, and your vision of excellence is the measure he holds himself up to. With nearly 30 years of restorative dentistry experience, his approach brings together modern tools, proven techniques, and an artist’s touch - all focused on renewing your smile.

Our process

01. Consultation

Speak with Dr. Ashnaei about your oral health and goals for implant-supported dentures.

02. Assessment

Have your mouth, teeth, and jaws fully examined and digitally scanned at our clinic.

03. Placement

Receive your dental implants and a temporary
dental prosthetic.

04. Recovery

Recover and let your dental implants integrate into your jaw bone for 2-3 months.

05. Final Fitting

Exchange your temporary dental prosthetic for your final implant supported dentures.

06. Adjustments

Come back to have your new implant supported dentures adjusted for the ideal fit.

Clarity is but a question away

Talk to us and get personalized advice about implant supported dentures.
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Learn About Implant Supported Dentures

Can anyone get implant supported dentures?
As long as their gums are healthy and they have enough bone in their jaws to securely receive implants, anyone can get implant supported dentures.
How are implant supported dentures different from All-on-# implants?
They’re actually the same thing. All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants are just branded names for the procedure implant supported dentures procedure.

Wondering about the difference between dental implants and dentures? Be sure to read our guide: Dental Implants vs Dentures
Are all implant supported dentures the same?
While all implant supported dentures are structured the same way, some types are removable while others are completely fixed. We’ll figure out which type is ideal for your needs during the consultation and assessment steps.
How long do implant supported dentures last for?
You’ll likely need to replace the implant supported denture - the “teeth” part - approximately every 10 years if you take good care of them. Your implants (the connecting pieces) can last for significantly longer - up to 20 years or more. 

Multiple missing teeth, one complete solution

Strong and stable like implants. Broadly restorative like traditional dentures. Indulge in a compromise-free smile with implant supported dentures.
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