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Cavity Treatment

Stop tooth decay from cavities and remove dark spots in your smile. Call us at (604) 552-2241 or book an appointment with our online form.

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We provide all types of fillings.

New Filling Placement
Have decaying tissue gently removed and replaced with a natural-looking tooth coloured filling.
Old Filling Replacement
Safely replace unsightly silver or amalgam fillings with white filling replacements that blend in.
Emergency Fillings
Lost or damaged a filling? Don’t risk tooth loss — get in touch with us to have it replaced ASAP.

No more decay
or dark spots.

Fillings stop small areas with tooth decay from expanding. That protects you from needing more serious (and costly!) future treatments.

Old metal fillings can also be replaced, leaving you with a smile that’s white and bright all the way through — no more dark spots!

Fillings that fit your budget.

From the strength and durability of an amalgam filling to the seamless, natural-looking appearance of a composite filling, you can always find an option that’s right for your smile and your budget.

Dental coverage
includes fillings.

If you have dental insurance, we make it easy to use your coverage to cover some or even all of the cost of your fillings.

Don’t have coverage? No problem — we can help you get affordable treatment financing that works for your budget.
We Work With Almost All Major Providers
Convenient Direct Billing
Financing Available for up to 60 Months

Say “no way” to dark spots or decay.

Get in touch with us to find out more about your options for dental fillings.
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Our dental fillings process.

01. Consultation

Through digital scans and a visual examination, we’ll assess your smile and carefully plan your procedure. We can also prescribe pain medications for after your surgery by request.

02. Preparation

Whether we’re replacing an old filling or placing a new one, the filling site will need to be cleaned and prepared.

03. Filling Placement

If you’re receiving an amalgam or composite filling, you’ll typically need just a single appointment.

04. Health Review

Once your filling is in place, we’ll explain how to care for it in the short (and long) term, and provide guidance on avoiding future cavities.

5 experienced dentists.
All working for your smile.

It’s like getting multiple “second opinions” without the inconvenience of going to different places.

From the filling materials we use, to the equipment we invest in, behind every part of the treatment there’s the insight of a team of dentists who have worked with hundreds of patients.

So when you visit us and ask, “which filling is right for me?”, you’re not just getting the experience of a single dentist — you’re getting five times that.
Support from 5 In-house Dentists
Evening + Weekend Hours
Service in English, Farsi, and Arabic
Convenient Central Coquitlam Location

Have more questions about fillings?

We can! However, unless they’re damaged or causing you discomfort, silver/amalgam fillings generally don’t need to be replaced. They’re typically replaced for aesthetic reasons rather than health reasons.

There are two common types of filling materials: composite and amalgam (also known as metal, silver, or mercury fillings).

Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Composite is affordable, natural looking, and repairable, but it’s also less durable and more prone to staining compared to amalgam. Along with being stain resistant, amalgam fillings are strong, long-lasting, and economical, but they can also be quite visible and potentially cause health issues for people with metal sensitivity.

For small cavities, fillings are almost always the best solution. If the decay has spread to a larger external area, then an inlay or onlay may be more suitable. In cases where the decay has worked its way into the tooth, a root canal may be the only option.

No, we apply local anesthetic to the treatment area before your procedure begins, so there’s little to no pain when you receive a filling.

At most you’ll just feel a very small amount of discomfort from the local anesthetic working to numb your nerves.


Don’t let cavities
hurt your smile.

With our convenient location near Coquitlam Centre, plus our extended evening and weekend hours, bringing health and confidence back to your smile is easy.

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