Configured for your health and comfort.

One size doesn’t fit all. We help you choose implant materials that best suit your oral environment and lifestyle needs.

Stable, long-lasting foundations.

Your teeth need to endure the pressure of biting and chewing day after day, year after year. When you get dental implants, they do too, which makes choosing the right foundation crucial.

Our implant fixtures - the part of the implant embedded in your jaw bone - use materials that have specifically been chosen because they’ve proven themselves in long-term clinical testing.

Teeth that look and function like-natural.

Teeth aren’t just unique in appearance - they’re unique in the stresses they endure, too, whether it’s a person’s diet, bite alignment, or health factors like teeth grinding.

With several available crown materials, we’re able to pair you with one that fits your priorities, letting you get more out of life without worrying about the condition of your dental crowns.

Implant Fixtures

Titanium implant fixtures are the foundation for all of our dental implant procedures. They’re strong, safe for the body, similar to bone in everyday use, and have the longest track record of long-term success.
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Excellent Bone Integration
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • 95%+ Long-Term Success Rate

Dental Crowns

Whether your priority is strength, style, or savings, with our selection of five available dental crown materials, you’re all but certain to find one that’s just right for your everyday needs.
  • Lifelike Aesthetics
  • No Metal Sensitivity Risk
  • Natural Bacteria Resistance
  • Lifelike Translucency
  • Stain Resistance
  • High Biocompatibility
  • Excellent Structural Support
  • Stain & Wear Resistance
  • Gentleness on Opposing Teeth
Porcelain-fused Metal (PFM)
  • Strength & Stain Resistance
  • Added Stability
  • Lower Cost Vs All-Porcelain
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Wondering which 
materials are best for you?

Metal sensitivity, everyday diet, and conditions like teeth grinding can all affect the decision. Talk to Dr. Ashnaei and see which options are right for you!

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