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Capable smile correction

We have an Invisalign package for you.

For major movement
To correct bite misalignment and crowding, we offer Invisalign Moderate and Comprehensive.
For quick corrections
Our Express and Lite packages are perfect for fixing small aesthetic issues in just a few months.
For early prevention
Resolve your child’s orthodontic challenges before they get worse with our Invisalign First packages.

With us, Invisalign is easy from start to finish.

Treatment Previews

See results before wearing an aligner.

If you’re considering Invisalign, it’s only fair to wonder: what will my smile look like? Will this be worth it?

With Invisalign Outcome Simulator, you don’t have to take a leap of faith. It lets you preview your new smile during your consultation, all in just a few minutes.
Preview Your New Smile In Minutes
Be 100% Confident About Your Choice
3D Digital Scans

Get precise, no-mess scans with iTero™.

Developed by the makers of Invisalign, it creates a detailed map of your mouth by capturing 6000 high resolution images per second.
Precision scanning
For a complete, detailed understanding of your smile
ClinCheck® planning
For effective and controlled tooth movement at each step
Goop-free impressions
For faster overall treatment and, of course, better comfort
Invisalign Types

Access the best
of Invisalign.

Whether it’s new features like SmartForce® attachments for complex tooth movement without braces, or new packages like Invisalign Express, Invisalign is always getting better. When it does, we bring those improvements to you.

Choose from
a range of retainers.

We don’t just bundle a standard set of retainers with Invisalign, we give you the chance to choose ones that focus on comfort, affordability, durability — whatever’s most important to you.
Available Vivera® Retainers
Budget-friendly Options
Areas To Avoid Using/Touching
Dental essentials

We make appointments and insurance easy, too.

Direct Billing
Easily use your available Invisalign coverage.
Extended Hours
Book early, late, or even on Saturdays.
Transit-Ready Location
Don’t drive? We’re close to a Skytrain station.
Multilingual Service
Get care in English, Farsi (فارسی), or Arabic.

Not sure if you’re covered for Invisalign?

Many benefits and insurance plans do cover it. If you’re not sure, get in touch with us. We can quickly help you if you’re covered and for how much.
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Dr. Ashnaei is 

More importantly, Dr. Ashnaei has helped dozens of patients correct their smiles with Invisalign in his 30+ years of experience, including complex cases of overcrowding and bite misalignment.
30+ Years of Experience
Certified Invisalign Provider
Comprehensive Smile Care

But his expertise
doesn’t end there.

Dr. Ashnaei has spent a lot of time working on braces, implants, and cosmetic dentistry, too. Why does that matter for Invisalign?

Because it means that he has a fuller understanding of both the supporting structures beneath your teeth and the aesthetic considerations behind a great-looking smile.

For especially complex cases, he’s even been able to create hybrid plans for that use braces for a short period before switching to Invisalign, offering an ideal balance between comfort and results.
5 steps to a straighter smile

Our Invisalign treatment process.

01. Consultation

Talk to Dr. Ashnaei, preview your Invisalign results, and ask any questions you have.

02. Scans & Exams

Get a complete, in-depth scan of your jaws and teeth so we can create your aligners.

03. Aligner Fitting

Try on your aligners to make sure they provide the correct snug-yet-comfortable fit.

04. Smile Correction

Progress through your aligners, coming in for check-ins every few weeks.

05. Retainers

Receive your retainer then go out and enjoy your healthier, straighter smile.
Invisalign FAQ

Common Invisalign questions.

The number of included aligners depends on the Invisalign package selected for your treatment. Packages for milder corrections, like Invisalign Express, come with a limited number of aligners. The most common package, Invisalign Comprehensive, comes with unlimited aligners for five years from the start of your treatment.

In general, you’ll change to a different set of aligners every 10-14 days. If you’re very consistent about wearing your aligners, and your teeth move at a steady pace, you may be able to change your aligners as frequently as every 7-9 days.

While we don’t provide a device like an Acceledent or Propel VPro, you can choose to use one during your treatment if you prefer - just let us know if you do. We haven’t seen strong, independently-conducted research showing that those kinds of devices are genuinely effective, so - at least for now - we’re not comfortable with automatically making them part of our Invisalign treatments.

While there are always exceptions, Invisalign is much more capable than it was a few years ago. These days, there are very few cases where a doctor will need to recommend braces because Invisalign can’t correct the alignment issues with a person’s smile.

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Get a better-looking smile that’s healthier and easier to care for. Book a consultation with Dr. Ashnaei and preview your smile after Invisalign.

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