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Dental Implants for
One or Several Teeth

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One clinic for all your smile needs

For one tooth

From $3400
Feel the satisfaction of having a complete smile in just a single day with our same-day implants.

For several teeth

From $6000
From a bridge over implants to multiple implants, we handle complex cases confidently.

For a full smile

From $10,000/jaw
Delight in the total renewal of your smile with our implant-supported full-arch restorations.
Services to fit your needs

Our process

01. Consultation

Consult with our doctors and see if dental implants are suitable for you.

02. Assessment

Receive a comprehensive assessment of your mouth and oral health.

03. Temporaries

Come in for your implant(s) placement and temporary crown fitting.

04. Recovery

Wait 2-3 months for your implant(s) to integrate with your jaw bone.

05. Final Fitting

Replace your temporaries with durable, high-quality permanent crowns.

Our goal is to make your smile
look and feel 100% whole again.


The priceless
importance of a smile

To us, a dental implant does more than fill a gap in your smile or serve as an artificial tooth - it makes you whole again, replacing embarrassment and inconvenience with a renewed sense of confidence.

Patients choose us because they know we recognize the priceless importance of a smile. You care about being treated safely, but you also care about artistry and comfort - and we’ve invested in the staff, technology, and education at our Coquitlam office to ensure you receive nothing less.
dental implants

We’ll take care of everything

Decades of experience handling complex single and multi-tooth implant placements.
In-house CT and panoramic X-ray scans for efficient and convenient case assessment.
Faster, safer pre-implant periodontal care with the platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) method.
Complimentary after-surgery adjustments to ensure total comfort and satisfaction.

Masterful artistry,
delicate dentistry

With a steady hand and an eye for aesthetics, Dr. Ashnaei may very well have been a sculptor in a different life. Pairing the desire for a beautifully natural look with the need for durable, long-lasting implants, his belief in the art of unforgettable smiles is reflected in every patient he works with.

Bring better value to your care

Discounts are available for patients receiving multiple implants.
Talk to us about your options

The ideal
tooth replacement

Like the roots of a natural tooth, each dental implant creates a secure bond between the dental crown and jawbone, giving you a tooth that looks and feels as good as the one you were born with.

The result isn’t just a full, healthy smile. It’s freedom - freedom to eat, speak, and laugh the way nature intended.

Learn more about how dental implants compare against dentures >

Fit for
every smile

Anyone who has healthy gums and good jaw bone density can receive dental implants, and our hygiene treatments and bone grafts can help any patient who needs support in either or both of those areas.

Smiles without compromises

They're safe

Dental implants have a long-term success rate of over 95%.

They’re secure

Unlike dentures, implants can’t move in your mouth or fall out.

They’re durable

With good care, your implants can last for well over 20 years.

They’re convenient

Floss, brush, and look after your smile just like you always do.

Understand your options before
making a decision

Let our decades of implantology expertise help you make an informed choice.
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Be an informed patient

How much do dental implants cost in Coquitlam (and BC in general)?
This is a complex question to answer because dental clinics use different pricing structures when quoting treatment costs. Generally, the full cost of a dental implants procedure in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Metro Vancouver - including scans, materials, and placement - will cost around $3000. However, with more advanced materials, multiple implants, or difficult cases, the cost can quickly rise to as much as $20,000.
What’s the cheapest price for dental implants?
While price is an important factor, it’s wise to be cautious about chasing the lowest cost for something as critical as a tooth replacement. You’ll rely on your dental implants every single day, so you want to choose an option that you can be confident about.
How much does a dental implant cost for one tooth?
In Coquitlam, you can expect to pay around $3000 for a single dental implant. That price will include the cost of your preparatory scans, implant materials, and surgical placement.
Can dental implants replace several or all of my teeth?
Yes, dental implants can be used to replace multiple teeth, either by replacing each tooth with a dental implant, or by using bridges or full arch restorations that rely on several implants to secure a dental prosthetic. 
Do dental implants need special care?
Once your dental implants are securely placed, they won’t need special care. You’ll be able to take care of them with regular flossing, brushing, and in-clinic checkups.

Love your
smile again

Missing teeth shouldn’t stand between you and all that life has to offer. Talk to us and learn how you can renew your smile with dental implants.

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