Set your implants
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Successful implant surgery takes planning and preparation.
We make it easy to get ready for your smile restoration.

is essential.

Before getting dental implants, you’ll need to receive scans and exams so your dentist knows precisely where and how to safely place each one. 

You might also need to improve your gum health or have extra bone mass added to the site so that your implants remain secure and stable in the long term.

One location for everything.

At Glen Dental Centre, you can get all of your diagnostic imaging and pre-treatment taken care of in one place. That means no extra billing to set up, no health records to transfer, and no need to drive all over the city for appointments — it’s all done simply and effectively right here at our clinic.
Diagnostic Imaging

Using high resolution digital scanners, we map out your jaw bone structure and the interior of your mouth. This makes it easier to plan your procedure and achieve strong, stable results.

  • Quick, Low-Radiation 3D CT Scanning
  • Mess-free Digital Intraoral Scanning
  • Digital & Wearable Implant Prototype
Periodontal Therapy

You need healthy gums to receive dental implants. We can help you keep periodontal disease under control with deep cleaning, gum restoration, and everyday gum care guidance.

  • Deep Scaling & Planing
  • High-Strength Prescription Rinse
  • Available Gum Grafting
Bone Grafting

If your teeth have been missing for a while, your jaw bones may have lost mass and density. We can help you re-strengthen them to support stable, long-lasting implant placement.

  • Proven Ridge Augmentation Technique
  • Self-sourced, Natural, or Artificial Grafts
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) for Rapid Healing
Sinus Lift Surgery

You may need a sinus lift if your upper back teeth have been missing for an extended period. We’re able to raise your sinuses and insert a bone graft for secure implant placement.

  • Minimally-invasive Hydraulic Sinus Lift
  • Self-sourced, Natural, or Artificial Grafts
Tooth Extraction

If you’ve had an accident or are restoring an entire arch of teeth, we can prepare your mouth for dental implants by safely removing any damaged or obstructing teeth.

  • Grafting for Socket/Ridge Preservation
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) for Rapid Healing
  • Conscious Sedation Available

Looking for a specific
type of dental implant?

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Not sure whether you need pre-treatment?

During your consultation, Dr. Ashnaei will complete scans and exams so that you’ll know all of the steps involved in your implant placement.

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