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Coquitlam’s Children’s Dentist

All the care a growing smile needs.

Gentle sedation treatment
Orthodontics & corrective care
Preventive care & education
Cosmetic smile enhancement

For infants and toddlers.

Oral healthcare begins as early as 12 months of age! At this stage, we focus on introducing your child to the dental care experience in a positive way and helping you understand how their smile will develop based on early scans and exams.
Fun and positive early experiences
Proactive discovery of potential issues
Preventive care against cavities and decay

For kids and pre-teens.

The habits and impressions they form at this age will stay with them for life, so we make sure they develop the right ones. They’ll receive gentle, comfortable care, and they’ll learn how to care for their smile — not just in the way that they brush, but in terms of what they eat and how they play, too.
Routine cleaning, polishing, and fluoride
Treatment for healthy jaw and bite development
Guidance on habits for a healthy smile

For teenagers.

It’s a time of transition — they know the basics of dental care, and they’re just starting to think about things like long-term health and smile aesthetics. We’ll be there to help them through it, whether it’s discreetly straightening their teeth with Invisalign or adding that extra bit of pop with veneers or gum and tooth contouring.
Orthodontic care with Invisalign or braces
Bonding, contouring, or veneers for older teens
Gentle wisdom teeth removal

Dental visits don’t have to be a struggle.

Book a consultation today and learn how our dentists can support your child’s oral health.
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We make pediatric dentistry easier for parents, too.

Extended appointment hours
They have school, you have work — time is scarce. But with our extended hours, you always have options.
Direct billing & financing
Have insurance? We’ll handle the reimbursement. Need more financial flexibility? Pay monthly instead.
Convenient central Coquitlam location
Located on Glen Drive near Coquitlam Centre, our dental clinic can easily be reached by car, bus, or Skytrain.

It’s like having 5 dentists caring for your child.

When it comes to dental health, getting a second qualified opinion is valuable. A third is even better.

So, with our 5 in-house dentists, you can be confident that the care and recommendations your child receives are supported by in-depth knowledge and decades of dentistry experience.

We’re not independent dentists operating out of the same space. We’re your child’s dental team, using all of our combined expertise to make their pediatric care safe, comfy, and effective.
Pediatric dentistry basics

Common children’s dentistry questions.

You’ll want to begin looking for a kid-friendly dentist by the time your child’s first tooth appears or by the time their first birthday arrives— whichever happens first.

Yes, in most cases where a child feels anxious about visiting the dentist, sedation is a safe and effective option. While it doesn’t entirely put them to sleep, it makes the experience more relaxed and can help it feel like it passes by more quickly.

For most kids, a checkup at least once every 6 months is ideal. Since their teeth and jaws are still developing, it’s important to monitor them closely to make sure issues are addressed early and bad habits don’t take root.

We’ll do our best! In our experience, it’s usually about rebuilding trust and changing expectations — once your child realizes that dental visits can be gentle, they’ll gradually overcome their fear and accept it as part of their healthcare routine.

If they’re especially anxious, sedation can be an effective way to help them relax during their visits.


Start your child’s dental journey the right way.

Let us help them feel comfortable with dental care and build great habits for lifelong oral health.

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