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One clinic for everything your smile needs. Who knew great oral health could be so convenient? Call (604) 552-2241 or use the button below to book a consultation with our online form!

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One dental office, total smile care

From your jaws to your gums and teeth - bring comprehensive care to your smile

Be protected
We’re unforgivingly tough on plaque, cavities and gum disease - but unbelievably gentle about removing them.
Be educated
Take control of your everyday oral health with our expert guidance on the best ways to look after your smile.
Be confident
With our proactive examinations and meticulous cleaning, you’ll never be caught off guard by oral health issues.
Treatments at our Coquitlam dental clinic

Your keys to a healthy, problem-free smile

Teeth Cleaning
Keep your teeth sparkling white and free from plaque and tartar.
Periodontal Care
Eliminate gum disease and put the days of bleeding gums behind you.
Metal-free Fillings
Restore the health of your teeth with strong, seamlessly natural fillings.
Fluoride Treatment
Coat your teeth with lasting protection - even in those hard-to-reach places.
Oral Care Guidance
Get more out of your daily oral healthcare routine with personalized advice.
Bruxism and TMJ Treatment
Eliminate the discomfort of persistent headaches or sore teeth in the morning.
Screenings & Exams
Catch and resolve oral health issues before they become major concerns.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Give your teeth the space they need to flourish into a beautiful smile.

Get clarity on your treatment needs

Connect your smile with the expertise of our dentists through a consultation.
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What Sets Us Apart

100+ Years of
Combined Experience

To us, “personalized care” means more than receiving a unique treatment plan - it means working with the right dental professional.

At other dental clinics there might be one, two, or even three dentists. We have five, each one focusing on their own areas of dentistry. As a result, our Coquitlam dental clinic always has a professional who’s acutely familiar with the issues you’re experiencing - and the type of treatment needed to make them disappear.

For Your Comfort

Pre-treatment sedation
patient chairs
Live TV and a catalog of movies
Meet Your Hygiene Team

Meticulously vigilant. Amazingly gentle

No matter which procedure you visit us for, you can be sure that you’ll be treated gently, and that the care you receive will do everything it can to support the health and beauty of your smile. Looking after your oral health is our responsibility - and we won’t let you down.
Financing & Insurance

Pay when you want to, how you want to

Enjoy ultimate payment flexibility. Talk to us about your options for direct billing or financing and learn how you can manage your dental expenses completely stress-free at our Coquitlam dental clinic.

Go beyond
routine cleaning

Routines are dull - and your smile was made to sparkle. So visit our dental office and let it shine with care that sets you up for a lifetime of stylish smirks and glamorous grins.
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