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Everyone’s smile has different needs. And, from braces to dentures, those needs change over time. But with our 5 distinctly qualified Coquitlam dentists, you’ll always know that - no matter what treatment you need - there’ll be decades of experienced, reliable care behind your smile.
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We’re fluent in dentistry. And other languages too.

Coquitlam is a multicultural community, so everyone’s first language isn’t the same. But our team is multicultural too, and we always do our best to communicate in whichever way is clearest for you, with service in:

English | Farsi فارسی | Arabic عربي

Dental Clinic In Coquitlam For Your Family

One clinic for all your smile needs.

For Your Health

Enjoy a strong bite, clean teeth, and healthy gums.
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Show off a smile that’s ready to steal the limelight.
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Eat, speak, laugh and smile, all without a doubt.
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From the last generation to the next one, everyone’s welcome.
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Explore Our Treatments

Routine Checkups
Involving a full range of scans and cleaning procedures, our gentle and meticulous routine checkups let you have a beautiful smile and complete confidence in your oral health.
Dental Implants
Eat, speak, laugh, and simply smile confidently once again. Restore the beauty and integrity of your smile with our dental implants and rediscover the joy of life with a full smile.
Invisalign & Orthodontics
With our orthodontics treatments, your smile is beautifully aligned, promotes better oral health, and easier to clean, too. It’s a better smile in every way.
Emergency Dentistry
Whether you’ve lost a tooth, have bleeding that isn’t stopping, or feel sudden pain in your mouth, if you need urgent oral healthcare, our team will be there for you.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Give yourself a smile makeover and enhance your natural beauty with our selection of personalized tooth bonding, gum contouring, and dental veneer treatments.
Root Canal Therapy
Through root canal therapy, we extend a lifeline to your infected teeth, alleviating pain and reducing the potential need for tooth removal and dental implant placement.
Crowns and Bridges
Our crowns and bridges put tooth damage in the past, reviving the beauty and functionality of your smile in a way that is strong, durable, and natural-looking.
Restorations and Fillings
Strong yet subtle, our fillings, inlays, and onlays repair cavities and damage to your teeth while allowing you to seamlessly maintain your smile’s natural appearance.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
From straightforward removals to the most complicated cases, our wisdom tooth extractions give your teeth the room they need to flourish into a beautiful and healthy smile.
Oral Surgery
Whether it’s performing a bone graft, correcting jaw alignment, or cleansing diseased tissue, meticulous planning meets precise movement in every one of our oral surgeries.

An emphasis on dental implants.

Getting dental implants is life-changing, but taking the first step can be daunting. We’ve outlined what you can expect from us so that you can move forward confidently.
Dental Implant Pre-Treatment Procedures or Assessments
If you need diagnostic imaging or preparatory treatments like a bone graft or sinus lift, our comprehensive in-house care helps you avoid extra trips and paperwork.
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Different Methods of Teeth Replacement by Dental Implants
Smile restoration has plenty of considerations, like the number of teeth you’re missing, your overall oral health, and - of course - your budget. That’s why we offer a range of options.
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Crowns and Dental
Implants Material
Your dental crown and implant will most likely be a part of your daily activities for decades. So, we offer multiple options to make sure yours are suited to your health, diet, and routine.
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Dental Implant-Related Technology
When space and bone mass are at a premium, every millimeter counts. See how the technology we use brings added safety, predictability, and precision to your treatment.
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Natural Appearance
and Comfort
A smile is truly restored when it looks and feels natural to you. That’s what we aim for, refining the results from start to finish with wearable previews, hand-sculpting, and more.
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Payments without 
the paperwork.

Health is important, but so is affordability. That's why we make it easy to use your benefits or get financing at our dental office in Coquitlam. 

We’re able to direct bill practically any major dental coverage provider in British Columbia, and if we don’t currently work with yours, we’ll do our best to change that.

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Over a century of combined experience

Teeth, gums, jaws — a smile has so many different parts. Caring for each one is complex, and managing them as a dental health system takes even more knowledge and experience.

At our Coquitlam dental clinic, you have the full expertise of 5 dentists supporting your smile. Each one has spent decades focusing on a particular area of dentistry, but they collaborate as a team to make sure every part of your dental care works in harmony.
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